Don't Just Make a Website, Build a Business!

Make a website Girl on ComputerYes, you can make a website.

How to make a website?  These days there are tons of companies competing to build your website “for free”, “in two steps”, “in 10 minutes” etc...  The problem is, you don’t just want to build a website, you want to build and grow a business. These companies will help you build a website alright..and try collect fees up until the day it fails.

Don’t get stuck with a nice website and no income.

Learn to do it yourself, learn to do it right.

The Most Important Part of Building A Website

The most important step when creating a website/building your business…planning.  How well you prepare today will determine your success or failure tomorrow.  Before starting anything, we need to discuss your business plan.  You should also know which business model you want to use.

Now, don’t let the term business plan/model scare you.  I’m referring to a well thought out strategy for both your business’ foundation and growth.  It can be daunting at first but you can do it.

As you read through the materials that you’ll find here, I hope that it encourages you.  If you already have a plan and know what your website should look like, great.  If you don’t, continue reading on and we can discover it together.

Ok, first piece of advice…always, always treat your website like a business.  It can also be a website for fun but always manage it as a business.

Why?  What if I don’t want a business?  What if I just want to create a website for fun?  Nothing wrong with that, not at all.  However, keep in mind that if you are as passionate about it as I think, it will be successful.  By treating it as a business now we are planning properly, we are preparing for success.  The more successful you are the more opportunities there will be to earn income. You do want to make a little money right?

Are you ready?

Planning, planning and more planning. A solid foundation is what we are aiming for.

Make a website: A how to guide - Step One!!!

Step one is purely about you, your website, your business. It is about choosing your niche/theme carefully to maximize 1) the sites usage and 2) maximize income.

» Developing your website business plan

Make a website: A how to guide - Step Two!!!

Now that you have fine tuned your niche/theme and it is roaring like a Nascar speedway, we want to talk about monetizing your site. Whether we have products to sell or not?  Whether we want to place advertisings on our website or not?

» Choosing your website business model

Make a website: A how to guide - Step Three!!!

In step three we are ready to select a domain name.  We’ve decided on our concept/theme and we are ready to choose a website address.  How do we choose a domain name?  We cover this next.

» Domain registry

Make a website: A how to guide - Step Four!!!

During step four, you will be deciding on a website host. Your host will provide your website’s home.

» Choosing a website host

Make a website: A how to guide - Step Five!!!

Step five, wow, we are really making progress. During this step we review the various choices for building your web pages.

» Choosing web page software

Final Step!!!

Finally, we begin the process of building a website and end with a submission to the search engines!  Sounds like a lot but it you can do it and don’t worry, you can take me along for the ride.

» Build a website

More About Websites

Additional information that you will find here at You Make A Website.

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At You Make A Website we are committed to providing you with the know how and the proper tools for building a successful website.  We want to help you grow your business. Please feel free to Contact Us with any comments or suggestions.

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How well you prepare today will determine your success or failure tomorrow.quoted text